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432 pages full of golf information for your enjoyment

  • More than 150 prestigious golf courses

  • Index of golf courses in France

  • Index Guidebook selection

  • The best hotels and restaurants nearby

  • Thalasso and Spa dossier

  • Shopping section with the best equipment

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France has a great golfing heritage that must be honored. Our mission: to discover new paths, share our passion for golf to the many. Know it ! Golf is more than a game, more than a sport, it is itself a philosophy, a source of endless welfare accessible to all.


Do not forget! The French golfing heritage is an asset to the country, it is also an excellent reason for 70 million golfers in the world, to discover the art of living in French, to convey his values admired all around the globe for its history , culture, cities, regions, gastronomy, hospitality, freedom! Yes, France is more than ever a country that thrills the world ...

Spa & Thalasso

In the first part of the guide, you will find your welfare case "Spa & Thalasso" to new and unique sensory experiences and always more relaxing.


Dedicated to connoisseurs and fans of the green, golfers to beginners as for experienced players, this guide will give you the assurance of unforgettable golfing and tourist breaks and new dining experiences that we hope always successful.


The "Shopping" will also make you discover the latest trends in equipment and news.